awards our fleet won

What awards have our fleet won and why is this important to me?

Since we set out to provide the highest quality experience in the most beautiful and safe aircraft in the industry…all aircraft in our fleet have been completely restored inside and out. This includes new paint, new interior, many performance and safety modifications and also what is found under the cowling (under the hood) of your aircraft.

Yes, all of our aircraft have won awards such as Grand Champion, Reserve Grand Champion and Outstanding In Type but awards judge an aircraft only for that moment in time. Our SID inspection and maintenance program is our commitment to each of our aircrafts every day, all day going into the future. It's the assurance that your aircraft maintains its award-winning quality and its SID-compliant status.

With our aircrafts you'll travel in the finest in the industry – structurally sound, mechanically sound but also with a shiny new paint job and comfortable, newly refurbished interior in every aircraft. This assures your safe and comfortable flight while flying in one of our beautiful and impeccably maintained aircraft.

Rather than wait for the FAA in the United States to require SID inspections and compliance programs in the United States we have proactively complied with the program, assuring you the most impeccably maintained and structurally safe fleet in the industry. We strive to set the industry standard and challenge other seaplane operators and aircraft fleet owners to do the same. The process is very expensive and time consuming but the Herculean feat of achieving a SID-compliant fleet means a safe and comfortable charter flight for you.

We are proud to have the first and only all-award winning and SID compliant fleet in the industry. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

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